What Is A Life Coach?

You have probably heard of life coaching, but what is a life coach and why do you need one?

Most life coaching clients are people who are ready to make a big change in their lives and need the support and encouragement of their own personal coach to get past the hurdles and grow into the person they know they can be.

A Certified Life Coach is not the same as a therapist or a psychologist in that a Life Coach does not give medical advice.  Rather they focus on helping the client create and use practical, everyday tools to create the life they truly desire.

Just as professional athletes do not train without the perception and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most effective business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, or anyone who wants a change in their life, use the services of a Life Coach to launch their personal lives or business to the next level.

Life Coaches:

  • Help clients to find and unlock their full potential and the great qualities they already have within them.
  • Ask the right questions to help the client determine what they truly desire and what may be holding them back.
  • Works with the client giving support and feedback.
  • Helps the client create a plan that will result in the manifestation of that desire.
  • Motivate the client and hold the client accountable for completing the action items in that plan.
  • Help people move forward and set and reach personal and professional goals that allow them to achieve the life they truly desire.

Life Coaching can be a very beneficial tool in helping you to bring about the changes you want and need in your life.