Coaching is a process and a commitment. It is highly recommended that you choose a minimum of 3 months. It usually takes that long to fully integrate the changes needed for you to succeed.

While you can see results with the 1-month package, the 3-month package is best for most people, and for some, the 6-month package is needed to guarantee results. It depends on your own personal wants and needs. Choose which package suits you.

When you pay you will have the option of paying in full, or you may use one of the Buy Now Pay Later options to pay with installments.

If you try to pay and it does not have the currency of your country, please contact me and I can add your currency.

Please review the Coaching Agreement. You can sign it before or after paying. Simply download by clicking the button below and then fill in the blanks where indicated with the correct information of which package you would like. If you need help I am happy to fill it out for you and send to you via email.

Please know that by purchasing a coaching package you are agreeing to the terms of the Coaching Agreement whether you have signed it yet or not. Thank you and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals!